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LED 9006 / 9012 - Premium OEM LED Headlight Kit

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Find your next best upgrade here at BFXenon! Our 9006 / 9012 is one of our Premium OEM LED headlights.

Like all our other headlights, it has the Plug-N-Play system which you can easily and quickly install the new headlights. You can assemble the brand new upgrades in 15 minutes!

One of the best features of the BFXenon LED headlights is its Exclusion Micro Heat Pipe Technology. This helps make the headlight achieve its greatest output. This helps you see brighter on the road, giving you a better view of obstructions ahead. The brightest our headlights could illuminate is at 3,500 Lumens! It helps you see three times further.

All our kits are guaranteed LIFETIME WARRANTY. No need to worry about future costs. Using our products would take out any hassles that other brands may have.

Here are the parts inside the kits:

  • Two LED bulbs
  • A warranty card
  • An installation manual

Check out the other features of the LED headlights:

  • Compared to Halogen headlights, the bulbs last up to 20 times longer and 3 to 4 times brighter, giving you greater visibility than most brands.
  • In addition, the bulbs are heat, aging, and vibration tested and are 100% water, shock, and dust proof.
  • It also has CANBUS and Error Code Elimination, for European-made cars, and anti-flickering technology.
  • Different colors are available inside the kit (3000K, 4300K, 6000K, 8000K, 10000K), and you can choose which one is perfect for your car.
  • An anti-electromagnetic interference system is installed that would keep your car motor and wiper blade motors from any issues that may incur.

Within the United States:

  • Free 2 day shipping to all US States. (Alaska and Hawaii may take longer)
  • Customer pays shipping for warranty replacement

Outside the United States:

  • Standard shipping charges will apply outside of the US
  • Customer pays shipping for warranty replacement

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