Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) What's the difference between factory headlights, HID and LED Headlights?

This is hard to sum up in a short answer but here is a good summary. Factory headlights known as Halogen are made of a wire filament covered with tungsten and when electricity travels through the wire it create significant heat which is converted into light. Halogen are limited in the amount of light they can product and don't last long because the wire is destroyed by the heat. HID (High Intensity Discharge) is a tube filled with gas similar to fluorescent office lights. They need a ballast to shock the gas with 20,000 volts to ignite the gas and then take very little power to keep the gas producing light. LED (Light Emitting Diode) use electrons to release energy in the form of photon light.

2) Which technology is best for headlight?

As of today quality LED lights are the best option. A good pair of LED lights will be significantly brighter than Halogen, brighter than HID and will not fade quickly. LED are simple and work well with automotive systems unlike HID which are complex. However, cheaply made LED headlights should be avoided and you would be better with HID or even Halogen then cheaply made LED. Cheaply made LED will fade within 6 months or so depending on how much you use them and be no better and possible worse than halogen and LED headlights with fans will over heat when the fan break down and cause damage to your headlight housing.

3) What make BFXenon headlights better?

I'll focus on our LED headlights because HID is phasing out now that LED technology has become better than HID. Half the reason is the specific LED used in the headlight. Most headlights are CREE and the high quality CREE are good but the issue is that CREE has about 8 different models and the cheaper CREE used in most headlights do not perform well. Their lumens is much lower than advertised and will fade by as much as 30% within a few months. We only use the very best LED available. Our newest LED headlights use the best Philips LEDs available because they out perform all other for this specific application. There are many other factors such as degree of angle that make the LEDs we use out perform others. The other half the reason has to do with electronics that driver the LED. Poorly made or cheaply used solid state materials will not allow the LED to perform at it's highest efficiency over time. Too much power and the LED will be really bright when you first get it but fade quickly to half it's original lumens in a few months due to burn out. Under power the LED and it won't perform either. Dirty power from cheap materials will also cause damage and diminish lumens. Lastly, the biggest challenge everyone has is heat. It's difficult to handle the heat in such a small space and if the LED isn't sufficiently cooled it will get damaged and under perform over time. We have found a way to cool the light at full power without using a fan. Fans have moving parts and will break down long before an LED will and when it breaks down there is no warning and the light will overheat and damage your headlight wiring and lens. 

4) Is your warranty really lifetime? What does it cover?

If anything goes wrong with materials or workmanship we've got you covered for life. Simply return the light and we will repair or replace it for as long as you own it. Things such as accidents that brake the lights are unfortunately not covered. 

5) Do I need a professional to install your lights?

Not at all, these are plug and play and as easy as changing a bulb. Most cars only take 10 to 20 minutes to replace. However, there are a few cars that are very difficult to get to the headlight that take longer but the extra time is not because of our headlight but due to the way the car was made.

6) What is CANBUS, Error Correction, Flicker issues and do I need to buy the CANBUS resistors?

CANBUS is a term used to describe cars that have internal computers that monitor your headlight. They monitor the headlights so if a headlight goes out it can warn you with an error on your dashboard. The issue is that from an electrical perspective LED lights looks different than Halogen lights because they require less power and may appear to the computer that there is a headlight out. Most cars do not have this issue but for those that do you'll need to purchase a set of resistors which make the LED compatible with your car. They are plug and play and only take a few seconds to add to your new LED headlights. 

7) How quickly will I get my lights after I order them. 

Our warehouse is in Ohio and will reach most of the US within 2 business days. Orders place before noon Ohio time will be shipped same day. The free 2 day shipping we offer is not guaranteed and there are times especially during peak shopping periods that it may take a day or two longer. 

8) Do you have a reseller program?

Yes, we have reseller's nationwide. If you would like to apply please request an application from our live chat support or email us at admin@bfxenon.com


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