BFXenon LED Headlights


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How 20 minutes may save your life in a car accident! 
Are you aware that the crushing majority of automotive related accidents
occur between dusk and dawn? Why do you think that is?
Well, 90% of the time, poor visibility is to blame. You might think that your car’s OEM headlights are more than enough but that’s exactly what everyone thinks right before becoming a part of this disturbing statistic. According to IIHS independent tests, only 3 of 2016 and 2017 cars tested have 'Good' headlights!
And why? Simply because you couldn’t see far enough or you couldn’t adequately be seen by oncoming drivers...
Don’t Be Fooled By Cheap Knock-Offs
They might be as bright initially, but it won’t be long until they
lose more and more of their brightness, cheap LED lights will lose up to 37% of their light after a few hundred hours of use.
Instead, make the smart choice and invest in a set of premium headlights from a name brand that exclusively uses high-end internal parts that WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE.
After all, that’s exactly why we are confident enough to provide you with a No-Hassle, LIFETIME Warranty on your car’s BFXenon Headlights!
Make The Decision That Could Save Your Life.
Only Takes 20 Minutes to Install Yours!
Start by looking up which headlight fits your car here (Link) or asking our friendly customer support using our instant chat in the bottom right. 
Thank you!


( 20% off coupon good for the next 24 hours A715M4T88G9J )

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