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Thank you for visiting. My name is Glenn and I'm the owner of BFXenon LED Automotive Lights and been in business since 2007. Our mission is to increase your safety by providing the highest quality headlights at the best value in the industry. 

Did you know that 8 out of 10 night time accidents had inadequate forward lighting from their headlights and the accident could have been minimized or completely avoided if they had appropriate headlights. 

According to a study by the Institute of Highway Safety conducted in 2017 only 1 out of 30 sedan built in 2016 had safe headlights directly from the manufacture. That's correct.... ONLY 1 out of 30! And the one was a LED headlight system. Our LED headlight conversion kits out perform manufacturers LED headlights for a fraction of their cost and we carry a lifetime no hassle warranty. 

If you purchase a set of our headlights from your local new car dealer, auto repair shop, auto parts store, Amazon or directly from our website you'll get the same lifetime warranty. 


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