21,000 mAh Premium Portable Jump Starter & Power Bank

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Do you often experience having to jump start your car ever so often?
The hassle of starting your car is another issue that you may encounter.

With the BFXenon 21,000 mAh Portable Car Jump Starter and Power Bank is your solution to this problem. You won’t need to call AAA or ask a friend to help you out. This portable jump starter will aid you on your trips. Our 21,000 mAh (750A peak) jump starters are recommended for 8.0 Liter Engines.

Unlike most jumpstarters, you can carry this one anywhere you wish. It is as light as an iPad Air 2! You may even store on your glove compartment or put it in your bag.

The Jump Starter Kit includes the following:
  • Portable Jump Starter and Power Bank
  • Jumper Cables
  • AC Charger
  • Car Charger
  • USB Cables to charge most gadgets (e.g. phone, laptop)
  • Carrying case
Other features of our jump starters:
  • It has an up to date Exclusive Safety Technology. You will not have to worry about issues such as surging, overload charging, and short circuiting.
  • As it is installed with the latest technology, charging is much faster as compared with other brands.
  • It uses Lithium Ion battery and other safety features that ensure longevity. Can charge the jump starter up to 1000 times!
  • It can charge multiple devices all at once!
  • The Jumper Cables are equipped with metal alligator clamps that will not easily brittle.

Get your own jump starter with us today, and see the BFXenon difference!

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