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HID 9005 / H10 / 9140 / 9145 - Xenon Light Kits for Cars

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If you’re looking for a brand new headlight upgrade, you can check out the 9005 / H10 / 9140 / 9145 BFXenon HID headlight Kit.

The technology on our headlights are advanced and upgraded for optimal use.
The Premium Headlights are also available in other bulbs also.

When it comes to headlights, brightness is key. Our headlights have a high output of over 4000 Lumens! This gives you an advantage on the road ahead, making it easier to see any obstructions as well.

We have our Premium Headlight Kit for vehicles manufactured using the highest quality materials. One of the best features of the kit is a Hylux German Chip that would not only lessen any issues found in most HID systems, but it is also prolongs the headlight’s lifespan. It is also installed in such a way you can see the components inside of the housing.

Here’s what’s inside the HID headlights:

  • 2 Commercial Grade Xenon Bulbs
  • 2 Slim and All-Digital Ballasts
  • A warranty card
  • An installation manual

Don’t miss out on what else is in store:

  • All HID headlights are equipped with an anti-flickering technology, CANBUS, and Error Code Elimination
  • The Xenon headlights are adaptable in any weather conditions, works well at temperatures of -45 to 105 degrees Celsius
  • Colors are available for customization that would also create a signature look for your car.
  • The ballasts use less materials that would result in less break downs as compared with other brands

That’s not all, our headlights are LIFETIME WARRANTY. Get your new kit today.

Within the United States:

  • Free 2 day shipping to all US States. (Alaska and Hawaii may take longer)
  • Customer pays shipping for warranty replacement

Outside the United States:

  • Standard shipping charges will apply outside of the US
  • Customer pays shipping for warranty replacement

BFXenon LLC  Always puts the customer first from the time we select the highest grade components to go build your product with to honoring our lifetime warranty we're always thinking of you.

What do you get when you combine our leading edge technology with genuine Philips LEDs? The most advanced, brightest and dependable LED headlight on the market. Our lights are now BRIGHTER than HID, last longer and more dependable than any other headlight on the market and come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

Perfectly engineered to provide a perfect light beam pattern so you don't blind on coming traffic or get diffused lost light. You get 3 times the light of halogen and 2 times the light of other LEDs even after burn-in has settled in. We use the highest grade Philips LEDs with light loss of only 3%-5% over time compared to other quality LED at 15%-20% loss or imitation LEDs found in cheap kits with a 30%-50% light loss over time.

Our fish bone heat sink technology is superior to all others and allows us to provide more power to the LED without damaging the LED over time due to heat. Our technology has no moving parts and will not limit the life of the headlight. Headlights with moving parts, such as fans, will only last 10%-20% as long as the LED in the light. When a fan stops working the headlight will over heat often causing damage to the headlight lens and wiring before the LED burns out prematurely due to extreme heat.

The bottom line is we love our customers, and our customers love our products!