LED H16 / 5202 / 2504 Single Beam - BFXenon Premium OEM - Headlight Upgrade Kit

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The LED H16 / 5202 / 2504 is part of the Premium OEM LED headlight kit series.

It has been manufactured with a Micro Heat Pipe Technology. This technology allows for greater heat disapassion allowing the maximum level of power to be applied to the LED resulting in achieving the maximum brightness (lumens) possible for an extended life span. It also reduces the dark spots and overheating that occurs while driving. This is in use instead of aluminum and copper. This technology is also water and dust proof!

Upgrading your stock headlights to LED will provide three times as much light.

Here is what inside this headlight kit:

  • Two (2) Commercial Grade LED Bulbs
  • One Warranty Card
  • One Installation Manual

Know more about BFXenon’s LED Headlights:

  • Like all our other LED headlight kits, it has waterproof snap connectors making it easier to install new and upgraded headlights. Installation is a Plug-N-Play system, which may take in less than 15 minutes.
  • Colors are available in our LED headlight kits. There are five colors to choose from 3,000k, 4,300k, 6,000k, 8,000k, 10,000k).
  • The bulbs have been tested against heat, aging, and vibration are all 100% waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof.
  • It guarantees perfect light beam, you will not worry about any dark spots and scattered beams.
  • It also has CANBUS, Error Code Elimination, anti-flickering technology, and recoil reverse protection.

The best part about our headlights is that they are of LIFETIME WARRANTY. Get your next new headlights with us.

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