LED 9005 / H10 - Premium OEM LED Headlight Kit

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Convert your stock headlights with the LED 9005 / H10.

This is a Premium OEM led headlight conversion kit, guaranteed only the best and quality parts. Those would work well and last long for your vehicle.

All our LED headlight kits have been installed with an Exclusion Micro Heat Pipe Technology designed to be fanless and have no moving parts. This eliminates most issues found in LED headlight conversion kit. This new technology also helps in attaining the light output of almost 3,500 Lumens. Thus, with this you will have greater visibility on the road and have no issues with scattered beams or dark spots.

Our LED headlights have a Plug-N-Play system. It will take approximately 15 minutes to install the new upgrades.

Inside the kits are as follows:

  • Two (2) Commercial Grade LED Bulbs
  • An installation manual
  • A warranty card

Here are the other features of the BFXenon LED Headlights:

  • The bulbs are manufactured to produce exact color temperature. This makes it last up to 20 times longer, and shine up to 3 to 5 times better unlike halogen ones.
  • All bulbs are aging, heat, and vibration tested and are also 100% water, dust, and shock proof!
  • It is adaptive to any environment, with temperatures ranging from -45 to 105 degrees Celsius.
  • There are different colors that are available in the kit as well, that could help create the signature look on your car.
  • It also has an installed CANBUS, Error Code Elimination, and Anti-Flickering Technology.

The best thing about our headlights is a guaranteed LIFETIME WARRANTY.

What are you waiting for? Get your own led headlight conversion kit today.

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