HID H1 - Premium Xenon Headlight kit

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Get your new HID H1 headlights with us!

It is a Premium OEM Headlight Kit filled with excellent quality parts for your truck or car. It has been equipped with current headlight technology, providing our customers only the best for their vehicles.

The Hylux German Chip is one of the state-of-the-art technology that we installed on our HID headlights. This chip, through a window, allows transparency inside the ballast, and reduces the incidence of HID headlight breakdown and prolongs its lifespan.

The light output on our HID headlights can shine, at its brightest, up to 4000 Lumens. You are able to see farther during all climate conditions, all obstructions up ahead.

Know more what’s inside our Xenon headlights:

  • Two (2) Commercial Grade Quartz Xenon Gas Bulbs
  • Two (2) All-Digital and Slim Ballasts
  • An installation manual
  • A Warranty Card

Here are the other features of our HID headlights:

  • Looking to customize your headlights? We have available colors that could be the best look to your vehicle
  • Like with all our headlights, installation is quick and easy. The headlights use a Plug-N-Play making it convenient for you to assemble your new and upgraded HID headlight for your car anywhere!
  • The bulbs we use on our headlights can last up to months to a year compared with other brands. Not only that, it is also less prone to fading, and are 100% shock, water, and dust proof!
  • The ballast is also waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof, and has fewer components than the normal ballast in the market!

Our headlights are guaranteed LIFETIME WARRANTY, so you won’t worry about any more costs in the future.

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