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Little Known Ways To Use A Portable Jump Starter

Portable Jump Starter

Ever encounter having to jump start your car more than once in one day or in a year?

Has it caused you hassle and cost your time and energy?

Don’t worry you’re not alone. Many Americans also face this issue on the road. 
Their cars suddenly breaking down. 
The process repeats in a few hours or after a few days or so.

It could really take up your time and might cost you money. 

Of course, you will have to contact AAA to help you get back up on the road or someone you could easily call for emergencies. 

What are the causes of cars breaking down?

Your car battery is one of the main reasons for this occurrence. 
On an average, the car battery lasts up to five years, even six. 
However, cars are exposed to different weather conditions, the battery’s lifespan may be reduced. 

Warning signs: You will notice a sound as you start the car or lights and other electrical parts may take time to work. 

Experts always advise to have the batteries checked during a maintenance visit to the auto shop or to your mechanic. 
There is a problem with the alternator. The alternator, with the help of the engine, charges the battery. 

Since the alternator and battery work hand in hand, if you notice a problem with the battery it could be very well the alternator or if you
are having trouble with the headlights. Faulty wiring or connections may also be the reason for a malfunctioning alternator. 

If this problem persists, have this checked and replaced immediately. Some experts point out other contributing factors to car issues: electrical issues (when electrical parts of your car start acting up or work unusually e.g. dimming lights) and starter motors. 

What can you do to prevent these?

Regular and preventive maintenance will definitely help you out in the future. 
Know when certain parts of the car need to be replaced at a certain time. 

You may also need to purchase a portable jump starter, especially during long drives. 

While this could you help out temporarily, it would save you a lot of time from calling AAA or a friend. 

Portable jump starters are available in online retail shops or on e-commerce websites. 
We recommend you buy multi-purpose jump starters. 
There are jump starters that are power banks too. 

It would greatly help you especially if you are in need of a charger while on vacation. 

We advise that you always have your car parts checked regularly.

 It would definitely save you cost and time. 

Proof That Jump Starter Really Works

It is common there are vehicles that are prone to frequent breakdowns. Several issues like faulty batteries or alternator, an overheated car, and electrical, engine, or transmission failures could be some of the causes. These cannot be avoided of course, as they are part of the wear and tear of the vehicle. However, when it happens you can be prepared with a jump starter.  

Sometimes it’s not easy. You will need to find another vehicle on the road for that. However, with new technology, you will be able to restart your car without calling AAA or the aid of another car. You can use a portable Jump Starter to help you get through your drive. The jump starter is also a portable power pack to charge your phone, iPad, laptop and other devices. 

BFXenon Dual Purpose Jump Starter

Here at BFXenon, we engineered our Jump Starter differently, without compromising quality. Like with other jump starters, ours is portable BUT really light and handy. You can carry it anywhere you wish or you could store in your glove compartment. It’s the size of a dollar; it’s that small. 

It has safety features like surge, reverse polarity, and overload charging, that will keep the jump starter from overheating. 

It’s not just a Jump Starter, it could also be a power bank. Cables are available on ALL devices. It supports all kinds of gadgets so no need to worry about that. 

We have two sizes 8,000 mAh for up to 3.5-liter engines and 21,000 mAh for up to 8.0-liter engines. 

For the 21,000 mAh Jump Starter, you will be able to charge multiple devices on one power bank. Also installed are a warning light and a 3-mode flashlight that would allow you to see better as you jump start your car or fix a flat. 

Learn more what’s the Jump Starter kit: http://www.bfxenon.com/JumpStarter.html

Portable Jump Starter and Power Bank
Jumper Cables (equipped with the latest Cable Technology and metal clamps)
AC Charger
Car charger
USB Cable for devices (e.g. laptops and smartphones) (Available only for the 21,000 mAh Jump Starter kit)
Carrying Care

Distinct features of the BFXenon Portable Jump Starter

Unlike with most jumper cables, our metal alligator clamps will not break easily even extreme weather conditions

The battery has been upgraded to a Lithium Ion material, ensuring longer life and safety.

With this device, it could charge the jump starter up to 1000 times!

It has a quick recharging as compared to other power banks, jump starters, or even chargers.

This jump starter allows you to jump-start your car as much as 20 times on one full charging. Now that is very efficient! 

Our Jump Starters have a Limited Lifetime Warranty. 

To learn more about our policies you could check them out here.

Portable Jump Starters are very practical as it lessens your cost and it guarantees efficiency in the long run. Its purpose is not only for your car alone but also for your devices. It’s about time that we realize its necessity. 

Find your new Portable Jump Starter and Power Bank here on our website! www.bfxenon.com/JumpStarter.html
We would love to hear from you soon. 

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