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HID - LED Headlights Parts Lifespan

Headlights make our driving easier. At night, it would help us see better and farther. In some states or countries, daytime running lights are required. It has been reasoned that it would contribute to better visibility.

One benefit of using headlights at any time of day and during weather conditions that for some drivers, it does help them see clearer. While for others, especially those with bright white lights or glare, it temporarily blinds other drivers.

If we look at the usage of headlights, we will know how important these are. Due to regular usage, we often overlook how we need them to be replaced periodically. After all, as with other parts of the car, headlights are prone to the wear and tear. 

Headlight lifespan depends on its components. 

Bulb lifespan

In headlights, there are different available kinds of lighting systems for cars. There is Halogen. It contains a filament and is heated in use. Due to the heat it produces, these are the less efficient among the ones available for the market. 

High-Intensity Discharge (HID) or Xenon are headlights that contain Xenon gases.

They are usually white and blue. So far, this has the best illumination among lighting systems.

Light Emitting Diode (LED) is run on electricity and has diodes. Once switched on, it will instantaneously light up—which is the best feature on the LED. It is the most efficient among the light systems.

All the bulbs have different lifespan hours. Typically, halogens last from 450 to 1000 hours of usage. HIDs, on average, stay until 2000 hours’ worth. Lastly, LEDs have more than 2000 hours of light; however, some assert that the bulbs would last up to more than 10000 hours. 

Price wise, if you are on a budget, halogens are your best bet. However, these will need constant replacement. It is not energy efficient as compared to the advanced headlights. 

If your headlight can support HID or LED, you can buy these in e-commerce stores, online retail shops, and automotive shops. As for an HID or LED upgrade, you can find conversion kits online. The demand is high in the market.

Prolonging your headlight bulbs may be tricky. There are different types of manufactured bulbs, the replacement bulb you may be looking for may be defective after first use or installation. Alternatively, it may work until what is written on the box. 

Ballast lifespan

Headlights powered by HIDs require a ballast. Without this, your headlight will not work. [more ballast info]. Most HID users claim that ballasts have a longer lifespan than bulbs itself, with some saying it could last more than 3000 hours.

There are cases, unavoidable ones, that ballasts need replacing. It would be recommended to replace the ballast only instead of the whole headlight itself. 

Like bulbs, you are able to find replacements anywhere in reputable online retailers, e-commerce websites, and auto stores. 

When you buy the replacements or your new headlight kits, make sure to buy them from stores that have a lifetime warranty. This could help you in the future, as it will lessen your costs. Many brands carry replacements and kits with warranty guarantee. Check them out. 

BFXenon is one of the e-commerce stores that do so. Go check out our selection of LED or HID kits and headlight replacement parts on our website. 

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