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HID 9004: How Long do HID headlights last

Been told that the lights are long-lasting?

Consider switching to a different lighting system. Your best alternatives are LED headlights and HID headlights. These two headlights will help owners save more on expenses and are better than halogens. 

You may consider buying HID headlights due to its brightness and prolonged lifespan. It could help you see better in the dark. Some retail sellers even have the lifetime warranty for headlights, so you will not have to worry about cost. 

However, this raises the question of how long do HID headlights last?

Car experts claim that HID headlights last for approximately 2,000 to 3,000 hours, which is relatively longer than standard halogen lights. 

Users of HID have shared their experiences on how it lasted with their vehicle. They reveal that their headlights last around 25,000 to 42,000 miles. Some, however, experience problems with their HID bulbs or lights.

There have been instances where some car owners had to have a bulb replaced after a month or so, or it did not even last for a few hours. It was a good thing the bulbs had the lifetime warranty. 

Headlight Maintenance

Have you found yourself purchasing more than you should for your headlights? Preventive maintenance can help you with cost in the future, while it may not avoid the purchases. It is advised by most e-commerce sellers and shops always to buy high-quality products not only for your headlights but other parts of your car too. 

Many seem to forget that car care or maintenance is important as getting new upgrades or customizing your cars with decals, etc. Those would all go to waste if the vehicle were left only for presentation. We see photos of cars that have dents and have do-it-yourself quick remedies or replacements instead of high-quality parts. Of course, it can’t be helped, if that’s the case, as there are parts that are expensive. 

We may avoid those concerns, once we learn how to look out for our cars as well. After all, in some way, cars are also a reflection of how we take care of ourselves. Unawareness for the car we use needs upkeep too, and it is not some piece of metal that transports us anywhere. 

In the topic of car care, we will look into headlight maintenance. Headlights are an overlooked and underestimated part of the car. It is vital to our drives at any time of day or any weather condition. Without these, we may not be able to see clearly on the road. Maintenance allows you to know when to replace certain headlight parts, check for any brightness issues, and clean them when needed. 

Of key importance in headlight maintenance across experts is to check your headlights regularly. Even before starting your car, look at the condition of your headlights. 

Is it dusty? 

Does it have moisture? 

Does it need cleaning? 

Remember, certain substances could hinder your headlights to shine its maximum brightness. 

In instances like moisture, it would be best to have the headlights replaced. There are parts available anywhere when you shop online. You could opt to buy something similar to your stock. Most would recommend you purchase a LED or HID conversion kit. That is your preference, of course.

If the brightness might be the problem, you could buy replacement bulbs anywhere. If you are unsure of which bulbs to get, shops would ask or prompt you to supply the year, make, and model of your car. That is how you would get the bulb type and size. 

One more thing to check is the alignment of the headlights. This could cause blind spots. You may not be seeing well if the beams seem high or low.

In line with the regular check, keep a record of all the changes you have made. This could be taxing, but it would help you with any future purchases. It would help you recognize patterns among the possible different headlight bulbs you bought. It not only applies to anything you bought, of course. This could be for when you cleaned your headlights. 

Any modification to your car will give you an idea how much you may be spending for this one part. It would also give you an idea when you will need to take the car to a mechanic before encountering any serious issue. 

What’s car maintenance without washing your car? 

Clean your headlights are arguably the most significant in caring for your vehicle’s headlights. 
The internet is an extensive resource when you search for how to clean headlights. Most users would tell you the same thing. 
Toothbrush and toothpaste would be your friends in cleaning the headlight lens. 

We agree with the internet’s sentiments, but there are other more effective and long-lasting cleaning methods that experts have presented. 
AMMO NYC provides insight on how else you clean your headlights with two other ways. One is to use compound, polish, wool pads, and drill attachment. Apply the mixture on the wool attached to the drill. After doing this, you will need the foam and the polish. 

The other technique they presented is the three-step sanding method. It goes from heavy to light oxidation, also using compound and polish by the end of the cleaning process. 
Those could take maximum effort when you clean the headlights, but it will surely be efficient and remain unused for an extended period. 

Last but not the least, when making replacements, do it in pairs. Most replacement bulbs usually come in pairs. While one works well, it would eventually dim in the long run. 
There you have it, ways to maintain your headlights. These are only the basic but natural processes in the upkeep of your car’s headlights. We hope that our tips would be helpful to you in the future.

We may have missed some, let us know how else you keep your headlights in top condition!

While on the subject of headlights, be sure to check out our selection of premium HID or LED headlights that would surely keep you safe on the road.

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